ŠOBLĖ FILM FESTIVAL is an international student film festival, which is hosted by the students of the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy. It’s a 3-day event held in Vilnius, Lithuania, with an emphasis on showcasing the best work of students all across Europe and award them for their creative vision.

Šoblė Film Festival: BURN AFTER SHOWING

This year we are hosting the 8th edition of the festival. The slogan of this year’s festival is – Burn After Showing. The idea is based on the search of the truth and authenticity of human relationship; of the self in the modern social-network saturated life, which is estranging people as never before. This topic invites directors to open up – to show what is dear to them, to reveal their secrets and stand naked in front of an audience. Show something, that you would like to immediately Burn After Showing.

Name’s origin

The title of the festival was inspired by the founder of the Cinema and TV Department of LMTA, film director and creator of documentaries Henrikas Šablevičius (1930–2004), who was called Šoblė by his colleagues and students.


Registration and application deadline

If you want your movie to be shown in one of the festival’s programs that take part in the selection and register your movie here.

The selection will run until 8th of February.

Arts Council will consist of the festival program.

Specifications for the upload of your film

You need to upload your movie to Vimeo and send us a link with the password.

Recommended resolution from 720x400px up to HD material of 1920x1080px

Subtitles: With English subtitles for all other original languages.

1. Only STUDENT films may participate in the festival competition.

2. The film must be made in an European cinema and/or media school. All sorts of independent, but official cinema academies are also accepted.

3. The film must be made in the timespan of 2017 – 2018.

4.A director is allowed to submit only one film per category.

We invite you to enroll in these programs:

Live Action / Animation:

“What Is Your Secret?”

(max. duration 20 min.)

Documentary / Experimental:

“Find me. Find yourself”

(max. duration 20 min.)


Need more info?

Email: soble.filmfestival@gmail.com






First Soble Film Festival took place on March 3-4 at Lithuania
Music and Theatre Academy Sluškai Palace 104th classroom. The
festival theme was “First works.” During the festival, it has been
shown not only students of Lithuania Music and Theatre Academy’s
Ist semester etudes, but movies of directors and operators who
graduated academy earlier. It was a great opportunity to see
Lithuanian cinema internationally renowned authors’ first attempts
to creating films. The festival took place for meetings with the
authors of the films, created dialogues readings of film
playwrights students of academy, discussions about movies.



On March 1-2 in Vilnius swept second Soble Film Festival,
which became international and received huge interests from movies
fans. This unique student short film festival in Lithuania lasted
two days and shown the 36 works – from feature scenes and
animations from Lithuania and documentary footage, video clips
from Portugal. There was no shortage of surprises and friendly
climate prevailed. The program consisted of professors, students
of video directing and camera operators in recent years, such as
documentary of Audrius Stonys “Open the door to the next.”
Festival crowned with works of Latvian, Estonian and Polish film
schools students’. All the festival awards – Soble’s badges – have
swept second course video director’s Robertas Nevecka feature
short film “Street artists”.



On February 28 – March 1 in Vilnius was held third
international student short films festival “Soble Film Festival“.
During the opening ceremony the authors of the idea of the
festival spoken about it as a child and applied a healthy threeyear-old
child’s intrinsic properties, such as: “The child begins
to know the number. Well, the festival received funding, it has to
count as paid”. Also during the opening ceremony performances of
various students was held such as musical works or students
created dramas’ readings. “After culturing muscle”, the festival
presented not only LMTA or Baltic countries students’ works, but
also movies from many European film schools, the first steps of
professors of Lithuania Music and Theatre Academy Audrius Stonys
and Giedrė Beinoriūtė in cinema either. There you could see films
from Prague, Moscow, Lodz, Helsinki, Tallinn and other European
film schools too. Slovak film students presented their films
personally. Festival audience selected the best filmmakers in
seven nominations: best director, operator, playwrights and in the



This year’s festival audience were entertained not only by
young composers, but also with a number of additional activities:
student films awards, various discussions, exhibition of
photographies of directors of photography, foosball. Feeling
bitterness or humor seekers were able to test another innovation –
the special “worst movies” program. “If you’ve ever dreamed of
savoring genuine cinema hall, which not blame the neighbor, if you
have ever longed for popcorn jet towards the screen to express
dissatisfaction featured in the movie – go! Each director has done
at least one movie, which anyone would not want to see. Since A
fourth director has managed to show a lot of good films, it is
time for them to show their dark side “- the innovation program
said festival coordinator Domas Petronis.



This year was possibility to see not only the latest LMTA Film
and Television Department, Vilnius Art Academy and foreign
countries film schools students’ short films, but also much
earlier graduated students’ – Kristina Buožytė, Antanas Gluskinas,
Ignas Miškinis and many others’ works. Also there was presented
1st year students’ works.



This year’s festival motto: “From student to student, because
together we can create better cinema! “. Although there were
maintained students spirit – views held at Lithuania Academy of
Music and Theatre Film Faculty palace (T. Kosčiuškos 10). There
were organized various events, film professional lectures, which
caused a professional discussion among students and visitors.